6 Tips For Making Your English Language Learning Experience Fun and Successful

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September 12, 2019
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6 Tips For Making Your English Language Learning Experience Fun and Successful


Making the Most of English Language Learning in the USA

Learning a new language can be challenging, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be fun and constructive. Gone are the days of bland worksheets and mundane vocabulary drills. Now you can learn English through games, videos, and encounters that will transform your language practice into a meaningful learning experience. To help you fall in love with learning, English Language Center in Oklahoma, USA offers their top 6 tips for making English language learning fun.

6 Tips For a Positive Learning Experience

1.     Watch TV and Movies

Immersing yourself in a language is one of the most effective ways to pick it up. Even if you’re passively listening to the dialogue, you are training your ears to the sounds and cadence of English. Plus, you will get accustomed to real, natural English speech instead of the formal phrases you learn in textbooks. This will teach you the slang and idioms that native speakers use every day. There is also no shortage of popular movies in English to entertain you while you learn.



2.     Download English Apps

Want to master your English language skills? There’s an app for that. Today there are more language learning apps than ever before. With quick, concise lessons at the swipe of your finger, this is the easiest way to fit language practice into a busy schedule. Check out these top apps for English language learners.


3.     Watch English YouTube Videos

YouTube is a wonderful tutor. If you don’t have access to a teacher or mentor, no worries. You have 24/7 access to an endless library of educational videos. YouTube is great for when you want an in-depth explanation of a concept, but you also need it communicated in an engaging way. These top 5 English language channels are a great place to get started.


4.     Practice With Friends

Everything is more fun when you get to do it with friends. If you can, try to participate in a language exchange. This is when you are paired with an English speaker who is learning your native language. That way you can both practice with a native speaker while hanging out and chatting. You won’t even notice how much you’re learning in the process. This website will help you find a language exchange near you.


5.     Play Word Games

Games like Scrabble or Words With Friends are great ways to reinforce spelling and vocabulary skills. You can play with classmates or challenge yourself against a digital opponent. For extra difficulty, try crossword puzzles. They will test not only your vocabulary, but your cultural knowledge as well. If you’re looking for more games to learn English, there is an entire website dedicated to just that.



6.     Take English Courses

When it comes down to the nitty gritty of mastering a language, your best bet is to get guidance from a professional teacher. However, that doesn’t mean you have to resign to sitting in a dull classroom. English Language Center offers English courses that focus on TOEFL and IELTS preparation, provide flexible schedules, and equip you with the confidence you need to succeed. With a computer lab, field trips to local festivals, and highly qualified teachers, you will have everything you need to master the English language in a fun, engaging way.


English Language Center is Here to Make Learning Fun

English language learning is better when you’re enrolled in a community that will put you in position to succeed, and that’s exactly what our English classes in Oklahoma, USA are designed to do. The English Language Center has been offering effective programs for international students for 40 years, and we are family-owned and family-operated. We would like to welcome you as a member of the English Learning Center family! To get started, contact us today at 405-525-3738. Stay up-to-date by connecting with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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